Tungsten Trioxide Physical Properties

Tungsten Trioxide Picture
Tungsten Trioxide Picture

Tungsten Trioxide Physical Properties
Chemical Formula:WO3
Specific Gravity: 7.16 g/cc
Molecular weight: 231.85
Boiling point: 1837℃
Melting Point: 1473℃
Shape:Faint yellow powder,particle size well distributed
Solubility: insoluble in water, dissolved in alkali, slightly soluble in acid

Tungsten trioxide is yellow orthorhombic crystalline powder. Color changes from light to dark while heated.

Tungsten trioxide crystal structure depends on the temperature: above 740 ° C. for the tetragonal system,330-740 ° C for the orthorhombic system,17-330 ° C for the monoclinic system, -50-17 ° C for three monoclinic. Monoclinic structure is the most common space group P21 / n.